Blog Schedule

Below, you will find a list of episodes. You will write a response to the episode to which you have been assigned. Please post your blog entry by the date listed. If you have any questions, or if for some reason you cannot post your response by the date listed, e-mail Dr. Moore at ajmoore[at]

Episode 1: “Time After Time” Post by Sept. 22

Kevin Williams

Katelyn Price

Mikala Gallant

Episode 2: “All Due Respect” Post by Sept. 22

Emily Callbeck

Miranda Janes

Episode 3: “Dead Soldiers” Post by Sept. 29

Katelin Cummings

Jessica Davidson

Tiffany Doucet

Episode 4: “Hamsterdam” Post by Sept. 29

Olivia Long

Blayne Caron

Margot Malenfant

Episode 5: “Straight and True” Post by Oct. 6

Lydia MacDonell

Alyssa Mosher

Episode 6: “Homecoming” Post by Oct. 6

Eric Plant

Jenny Thornhill

Episode 7: “Back Burners Post by Oct. 13

Camila Vasquez

Brittany Woodworth

Colin Belyea

Episode 8: “Moral Midgetry” Post by Oct. 20

Emily Lutz

Carly Roberts

Susie Shurtleff

Episode 9: “Slapstick” Post by Oct. 27

Elizabeth McCoy

Sarah Murray

Samantha Kamras

Episode 10: “Reformation” Post by Nov. 3

Nywani Albert-Howe

Thomas Creagh

Nigel Ferris

Episode 11: “Middle Ground” Post by Nov. 10

Jessica Blakemore

Amanda Ellis

Emma Gillies

Episode 12: “Mission Accomplished” Post by Nov. 10

Kathryn Edgett

Hannah Frelick

Penelope Lewis


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